Healthcare Changes Made In 2013

Healthcare Changes Made In 2013

As you know, on June 28, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Affordable Assistance Act. The curved ball of the day: The individual mandate, which expects every American to purchase health coverage, was considered not according to constitution under the trade clause, but remained as a tax. This means that health reform will continue to progress at a rapid pace, although many questions remain, many of which will not be answered until after the November elections. Until then, the insurance industry must continue to prepare for changes and new requirements.To help you serve your customers and talk smartly about health reform, here is a summary of the changes that took effect in 2013 and beyond.  To find out what plans is best click here 

How much does long term care cost?

Of course, the cost of service varies by location and installation. I found private and government studies that report the average price of full-time nursing homes in the United States. They put the number between $ 6,500 and $ 8,000. These are recent numbers, and the cost may increase in the future, like many other health costs.This expense can wipe out the economy quickly. Other types of care, such as home care and health care, may be a little cheaper. But they can still cost thousands of dollars a month.

These are the programs you can get instead of the basic Medicare and there are advantages and disadvantages. For instance, with Medicare, you are going to get stuck with the cost of drugs, but with Medicare Advantage policies, you should cover many of it. In the meantime, when you choose an Advantage plan, it may be limited to the doctors and medical centers you can consult. In addition to having a prescription plan literally included in Medicare Advantage plans, sometimes they can also receive dental and visual care, depending on the program they receive. It is important to keep in mind that while these features are partially funded by the Medicare government plan, there will always be some cost to you each month, although it is not as high as you would pay if you decided on a Medicare supplement plan.

Education: One big mistake people make is trying to sell Medicare policies without knowing Medicare. You should understand Medicare A and B before you feel safe selling people to supplement Medicare A and B coverage. To begin with, look for a copy of the “Medicare and you” book and read it a few times. Then interact with an individual with experience selling plans for at least a few years for real-life explanations. There are also several online presentations that offer a high level overview of the original Medicare. These presentations will also help you with the basics.